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Our country will launch professional production of light burnt magnesia powder for processing magnesia products

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Our country will launch professional production of light burnt magnesia powder for processing magnesia products

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In order to further strengthen the work of safety production in industrial and trade enterprises, especially in processing enterprises of aluminium and magnesium products, the Office of the Security Committee of the State Council issued a notice recently, which decided to carry out in-depth management of safety production in processing enterprises of aluminium and magnesium products throughout the country from mid-August to December.

In response to the above problems, the Office of the Security Commission decided to centralize and organize special governance for processing enterprises of aluminium and magnesium products. The problems found in the "two governance" work in 2012 will be taken as the focus of this year's safety supervision work to guide and urge enterprises to rectify in time. For enterprises not inspected in 2012, this year will cover them all; for the problems detected, we should review the implementation of enterprise rectification to ensure that rectification is in place. "Notice" pointed out that the county and district security supervision bureaus should conduct further investigation and investigation on the industrial and trade enterprises involved in limited space operations and the processing enterprises of aluminium and magnesium products within their respective jurisdictions, and comprehensively establish the basic account books. "Notice" stressed that the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the counties and districts in late June. Those who fail to conscientiously organize and implement the requirements of the state, provinces and municipalities for fulfilling their duties will be notified and criticized until the responsibility of the principal person in charge is investigated

Liaoning magnesia exports account for about 95% of China's total magnesia exports. Under the quota bidding management system, the export order of light burnt magnesia shows a healthy development trend in general. It protects magnesite resources and also safeguards the interests of enterprises. However, through the research and development of magnesia export enterprises, it is found that at present, the export of magnesia industry in China is also facing some problems:

First, the export order needs to be further standardized. At present, there are many magnesia export enterprises, and the low-price disorderly competition still exists. In addition, export smuggling of magnesia also violates the interests of law-abiding enterprises.

Second, exchange rate appreciation affects export competitiveness. Magnesia is a resource product with high homogeneity. The appreciation of RMB leads to the price of magnesia under the competitiveness of China's export. Magnesia from Russia, North Korea and other countries exerts pressure on my export.

Third, rising labor costs squeeze profit margins. The sharp rise in labor costs has reduced the profit margin of enterprises, but also squeezed R&D and environmental investment in magnesia industry.

Fourth, the ability of enterprises to use pricing power needs to be improved. Although China's magnesia exports account for 60% of the world's exports, the cost of exchange rate, labor force and so on has risen. Domestic enterprises are difficult to absorb pressure through pricing power. The ability of Chinese magnesia enterprises to absorb pressure through pricing power needs to be improved.

Fifth, the order of magnesia mining needs further planning. Some small and medium-sized enterprises still have indiscriminate mining behavior, and the comprehensive utilization efficiency of mines is not high, which affects the production and operation order of magnesia industry.


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