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Application of Light Burned Magnesium Ball Refractories

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Application of Light Burned Magnesium Ball Refractories

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At present, most of the cables in buildings are made of non-refractory materials, which contributes to the occurrence of fires, resulting in huge property losses and casualties. How to solve such problems and prevent them in the near future has become a hot issue of concern to the relevant departments and the public.

New materials are the pioneers and pillars of high-tech industry and advanced manufacturing industry, and are always one of the most active frontier areas of scientific and technological innovation. Ceramic silicone rubber has attracted more and more attention as an effective fire-proof and refractory material. Tang Jialin, deputy general manager of Shanghai Kote New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kote New Material"), thinks that ceramic fireproof silicone rubber is like "apple 4" in refractories, which changes people's understanding of traditional refractories and realizes what they thought was impossible. On September 20, 2008, a fire broke out in Wuwang Club of Shenzhen; on November 11, 2008, a fire broke out in Jinan Olympic Sports Center; and on the Lantern Festival of 2009, a new CCTV station was destroyed in a torch, which is still a source of tremor. In the final analysis, the fire in buildings, factories and residential buildings is mainly caused by the low awareness of fire prevention among the people or the construction parties, and the non-use of fire-resistant and fire-proof materials inside the buildings.

The use of non-refractory materials in cable outer barrier materials such as buildings and residential buildings around the country has contributed to the occurrence of fires, and has also alarmed practitioners in the material industry. Based on this, the leadership and R&D personnel of Cott New Materials began to think: since the national fire awareness can not be rapidly improved, can we develop new materials to reduce personnel injury and property losses in the fire under the current situation?

"At first, it was all kinds of building fires that made us decide to develop ceramic silicone rubber. At that time, the head office in Shenzhen, inspired by the fire problem, we thought: Is there any material that can prevent similar problems in the future? If we have a stronger sense of social responsibility, if we invest more in research and development in the material industry, light burnt magnesia balls may be able to avoid such accidents! Tang Jialin told China Enterprise News. With this idea, the chairman of the company called R&D personnel to hold seminars and symposiums. At the meeting, everyone brainstormed and brainstormed. Finally, he decided to dig deeply and test the concept of fire prevention, and finally industrialized the ceramic fire-proof and fire-resistant silicone rubber.

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