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Analysis on refractory industry of light-burned magnesia powder

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Analysis on refractory industry of light-burned magnesia powder

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New materials are the pioneers and pillars of high-tech industry and advanced manufacturing industry, and are always one of the most active frontier areas of scientific and technological innovation. At present, most of the cables in buildings are made of non-refractory materials, which contributes to the occurrence of fires, resulting in huge property losses and casualties.

Refractories are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, machinery manufacturing, silicate, power and other industrial fields. The largest amount of refractories is used in metallurgical industry, accounting for 50%-60% of the total output.

2017 is bound to be an extraordinary year for refractory companies. The change of economic pattern has a significant impact on the refractory industry. The following is an introduction to the development trend of the international refractory industry in 201

With the decrease of refractory demand, there is fierce and cruel competition among refractory enterprises in developed countries. The inefficient are gradually eliminated, and the efficient can survive. Among them, large-scale enterprise is a good way to improve efficiency.

Large-scale enterprises can improve the ability to develop new products. The merger of enterprises is conducive to avoiding duplicate research, sharing knowledge, experience and technical know-how, conducting technical exchanges, concentrating superior forces to tackle key problems, and building a scientific research team with complete talents. Large-scale enterprises can improve the quality, such as mining, raw materials and products, after merger, the whole process control from mines to final products can be realized. This creates good conditions for stabilizing and improving product quality.

Large-scale enterprises and market globalization are twin brothers. To maintain huge capacity, multinational companies need access to raw materials and markets. In order to obtain raw materials and markets, it is necessary to extend antennae to every valuable corner of the world. Our country has rich refractory materials, large market capacity, low labor cost and good investment environment. These are the reasons why foreign companies enter our country one after another.

China is the largest producer of refractory raw materials in the world, and its magnesite and crystalline graphite reserves are the first in the world. Over the years, China's bauxite export volume also ranks in the forefront of the world. Therefore, the production of refractories in our country is conducive to the local solution of the problem of raw materials. Light burnt magnesia powder is the largest producer of steel and building materials in the world. Therefore, the production of refractories in our country is conducive to the local solution of product sales problems. China's labor costs are low, and refractories are labor-intensive products. Therefore, the production of refractories in China is also conducive to reducing production costs and improving the competitiveness of products.

According to the special investigation and investment value forecast report of China refractory ceramic products and refractories industry from 2016 to 2021, at present, the market of ceramic refractories is in the developing stage, and the market needs a process of understanding, recognizing and accepting high-performance new products. Therefore, from the point of view of the current domestic development, it is still in the primary stage of development, and the prospects are very promising.

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