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Light burnt magnesia powder China Magnesium Du Dashi Bridge

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Light burnt magnesia powder China Magnesium Du Dashi Bridge

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Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province, has attracted worldwide attention for its rich magnesite resources. It is known as the "Magnesium Capital of China" and is one of the four largest magnesite deposits in the world. Its magnesite reserves are up to 252,998.6 billion tons. The large scale, large reserves and excellent quality of the deposit rank among the world's top, which has been recognized by Chinese and foreign academics.

In the 1990s, Dashiqiao people vigorously developed magnesia products with high technology content and high added value, which led to the rapid development of the whole magnesite mining industry and firmly established the dominant position of Dashiqiao magnesia products in the world market. Up to now, there are 417 manufacturers of magnesia products in the whole city, producing more than 2 million tons of magnesia products annually and exporting more than 1 million tons. More than 50 high-tech and new products, such as coated granular magnesium, refractories for continuous casting, magnesia-chrome bricks and so on, not only meet the needs of domestic iron and steel enterprises with high standards, but also radiate to nearly 100 countries and regions in the world, such as the United States, Japan and Russia. Through joint ventures and cooperation, advanced technology, equipment and management experience from abroad are actively introduced, forming a group of truly powerful, potential and impressive products. Sound magnesia products enterprises.

There is the largest refractory production base in the country, equipped with four ultra-high temperature tunnel kilns with the longest 110 meters and the highest firing temperature of 1,850 degrees, and 24 light-burning magnesia kilns and 20 heavy-burning magnesia kilns. The annual output of all kinds of magnesia refractories is 600,000 tons. The deep processing capacity and actual level of magnesia products rank first in China. Fused magnesia-chrome bricks, high-purity Magnesia-Alumina-Chrome bricks and AOD magnesia-calcium bricks have completely replaced imported products of the same kind. In addition to being sold to China's steel, non-ferrous metallurgy, glass, machinery manufacturing and other industries, they are also exported to more than 40 countries and regions such as Japan, the United States, South Korea, Russia, Southeast Asia and Europe.

Here is the world's leading manufacturer of coated particulate magnesium desulfurizer, exclusively importing Ukrainian coated particulate magnesium production technology and some key equipment. The experimental results show that the coated granular magnesium produced by Dashiqiao is far superior to the imported lightly burned magnesia powder, thus ending the long-term dependence of China on high-priced imports of this product, reducing the sulphur content index of Chinese iron and steel enterprises from 7 per 1000 to less than 1 per 1000, solving the main problem that has plagued China for a long time to become a powerful steel country, and will certainly set off a new technology in China's iron and steel industry. Revolution in operation. At present, iron and steel enterprises in Canada and South Korea have begun to focus their attention on Dashiqiao, the magnesia capital of China. Dashiqiao also has a leading refractory production enterprise for continuous casting in China. Refractories for continuous casting are a kind of high-tech products widely used in iron and steel enterprises all over the world, which can help to reduce steelmaking costs and improve the yield of steel, but it has been a blank in China for many years. Last year, three major refractories (rotating water brick, submerged nozzle brick and integral plug rod) were produced here to replace imported products, raising the steel-making and continuous casting ratio in China from 60% to more than 90%, reaching the average level of advanced countries abroad. Domestic iron and steel enterprises such as Panzhihua Steel, Chongqing Steel, Liansteel, WISCO and Xianggang have adopted this refractory for continuous casting.

Driven by these "leading" enterprises, the magnesia products industry of Dashiqiao is developing rapidly with a strong momentum. The largest high-purity fused magnesia enterprises in Asia and more than 40 foreign-invested magnesia products enterprises have emerged. The export-oriented economy of Dashiqiao plays an important role in achieving the coverage of the domestic and foreign magnesia products market by Dashiqiao, the magnesia capital of China. At present, Dashiqiao people sincerely welcome domestic and foreign businessmen to Dashiqiao to do "Magnesium Article" of "Magnesium Capital of China".

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