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Market Value of Light Burned Magnesium Powder

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Market Value of Light Burned Magnesium Powder

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Magnesium air reserve batteries have aroused widespread favor among the military and civilians as soon as they appear in Sichuan earthquake-stricken areas. The application of magnesium air reserve batteries in electric vehicles by Korean Academy of Science and Technology has deepened the market's expectation for the industry of magnesium batteries. In the secondary market, the listed companies involved in magnesium ore include Punai Stock, Beijing Lier and Chenming Paper Industry.

Punai (002225): In 2011, the company announced the acquisition of 95% of Haicheng Huayin High-tech New Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and signed an agreement with Xiangchen Magnesium Co., Ltd. to acquire some assets of Xiangchen Magnesium Co., Ltd. The acquisition price of the two transactions totals 142 million yuan. Bank of China High-tech New Material Manufacturing Company is 100% controlled by Bank of China. Its 95% equity transaction price is about 105 million yuan. It is reported that Huayin Gaoluo is a long-term enterprise engaged in the production and processing of magnesium raw materials. This acquisition can take advantage of the experience of Huayin High-quality Material in the production of magnesium raw materials to develop the company's new business, that is, the production of light-burnt magnesium powder raw materials, thereby reducing the risk of producing high-purity magnesium raw materials. Bank of China invests 55% in Xiangchen Magnesium Industry, whose main assets consist of a mining certificate and light-burned Magnesium under construction. Punai, Tibet, has acquired the assets related to the production of light-burned Magnesium in Xiangchen Magnesium Industry, while the mine-related assets are still retained in Xiangchen Magnesium Industry. Punai Tibet is a joint venture company invested by the company and Bank of China, of which Punai shares 95% of the equity.

Beijing Lier (002392): At the end of 2012, the company acquired 100% equity of Jinhong Mining and Liaoning Zhongxing. Jinhong Mining is mainly engaged in magnesite mining and processing. The mining area is located in Mafeng Town, Haicheng City, Liaoning Province. The mining scale is 1 million tons per year. Liaoning Zhongxing is a key technology-based enterprise producing magnesia refractories for domestic export. It has many advanced domestic special production and research equipment and testing means, and has an annual production capacity of 250,000 tons of stereotyped and unshaped series products.

Chenming Paper Industry (000488): The company intends to establish Haicheng Haiming Mining Co., Ltd. jointly with Liaoning Beihai Group, which is mainly engaged in magnesite mining, processing and marketing. Among them, Haiming Mining has an investment of 70 million yuan and Beihai Group has an investment of 30 million yuan. In view of the broad, long-term market prospects and good economic benefits of the mineral resources industry, it is expected to become a new profit growth point of the company.

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