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Demand for light burnt magnesia ball is not optimistic

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Demand for light burnt magnesia ball is not optimistic

Date of release:2019-03-11 Author: Click:

 In Liaoning Province, 96 ordinary fused magnesia blocks are 1650 yuan/ton~1800 yuan/ton, 97 ordinary fused magnesia blocks are 2200 yuan/ton~2500 yuan/ton, 98 ordinary fused magnesia blocks are 2500 yuan/ton~2750 yuan/ton, 92 electric fused magnesia blocks are 700 yuan/ton~800 yuan/ton, the market is weak and stable, and the transaction is general. Magnesium refractories play an important role in the world. According to theoretical data, our export products are still hot. According to customs data, from January to February 2016, China exported 45,000 tons of fused magnesia, an increase of 5.1% over the same period last year; the export amount was 23,438,900 yuan, a decrease of 4.4% over the same period last year; and the average export price was 520.9 dollars per ton (FOB Dalian Port). Among them, 10.2 million tons of fused magnesia were exported to the Netherlands, up 63.6% year on year. Most of fused magnesia was re-exported to other European countries and regions in the Netherlands; 7,913 tons were exported to Japan, up 34.8% year on year; and 7,486 tons were exported to the United States, down 16.6% year on year. Analysts say that in the United States, Western Europe and Japan, refractory consumption is expected to rise after a long period of decline, as economic conditions in these areas have improved and production of non-ferrous metals and other refractory products has rebounded. Increased production in these areas may lead to increased demand for refractories, as production technologies are already efficient and it is difficult to reduce the consumption of refractories per unit product. Accordingly, domestic traders can continue to maintain their original market share, and strengthen the development of some underdeveloped areas to increase the number of exports. In April, low silicon and high calcium fused magnesia was delivered to Pingping. The mainstream tariff quotation of 96 lightly burned magnesia balls in Liaoning was 1800 yuan/ton~2100 yuan/ton, the mainstream tariff quotation of 97 materials was 2650 yuan/ton~2950 yuan/ton, and the mainstream tariff quotation of 98 materials was 2950 yuan/ton~3200 yuan/ton. It is reported that in April, the domestic market of fused magnesia with low silicon and high calcium remained stable. Some enterprises integrated their resources, stopped production and rectified, and the overall spot market was well supplied. Although steel prices have recovered sharply in recent days, which has stimulated the refractory market, from the supplier's point of view, there is no obvious "benevolence" and receivables have not declined significantly. Looking for refractory network reminds us that business transactions still need to be cautious. After analysis, the downstream demand is gradually improving, and the refractory market is expected to catch a free ride in the later period. However, the overall market of low silicon and high calcium fused magnesia is still flat in recent years, and the market is more wait-and-see.

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