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Huanggang Customs of Shenzhen seized 24.7 tons of national strategic resources "light burnt magnesia"

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Huanggang Customs of Shenzhen seized 24.7 tons of national strategic resources "light burnt magnesia"

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Huanggang Customs of Shenzhen seized 24.7 tons of national strategic resources "light burnt magnesia"

A Guangdong-Hong Kong container truck carrying goods from a company in Shenzhen departed from Huanggang Port and was selected by customs officers for inspection.

The export goods carried by this vehicle are declared as "cement clinker" 24.7 tons, and the declared price is only $5,000. After opening the box for inspection, the customs officers saw that all the declared "cement clinkers" were packed in about 25 huge sacks. After unloading, customs officers first inspected the shape of the goods. Careful customs officers found that the same batch of "cement clinker" had two forms. Some sacks contained granular goods, while others were powder goods.

Customs officers immediately selected some bags for open inspection. Sure enough, some bags were filled with small red-brown stones, while others were filled with fine sand-like articles of rustic yellow. Whatever it is, it is not like "cement clinker".

Customs officers immediately identified and compared the goods inspected. The results show that these items are "magnesia" under the state license management, totaling 24.7 tons.

At present, the case has been further investigated by the anti-smuggling Department of the Customs.

According to the person in charge of Huanggang Customs, magnesia products such as light burnt magnesia, heavy burnt magnesia, light burnt magnesia and fused magnesia, high purity magnesia and synthetic magnesia are commonly known as magnesia, which is an important mineral resource. They are mainly used as refractories and are widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, aerospace, aviation, household appliances, agriculture, animal husbandry and other industries. They are closely related to people's lives. Magnesium resources have a long formation cycle and are irreplaceable and non-renewable. With the continuous expansion of steel, building materials and other industries in the world, the demand for refractory industry has increased, and the dependence of foreign countries on the import of magnesia in China has become higher and higher. China strictly protects it as a scarce resource.

As a "two high and one capital" product for export control, the state restricts the export quantity of magnesia annually, implements quota licence bidding management, and imposes 10% export tariff on magnesia export. Because magnesia is very similar to cement clinker in appearance characteristics such as color and shape, it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye and has great deception. In this case, in order to satisfy the private pockets, the illegal elements took risks, disguised magnesia as cement clinker under non-export license management, and concealed the real attributes of the goods, in order to achieve the purpose of evading certificates and tax and smuggling exports.

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