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New Direction of Refractories: Status of Light Burned Magnesium Powder

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New Direction of Refractories: Status of Light Burned Magnesium Powder

Date of release:2019-03-11 Author: Click:

During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, Haicheng Magnesium Industry is following the development thinking of "high-end, large-scale, internationalization and diversification", relying on scientific and technological progress, promoting industrial optimization and upgrading and product restructuring, prolonging the industrial chain, promoting the sustainable development of magnesium industry cluster, consolidating and developing the city's superior position of magnesia material industry in the country and even in the world, and making every effort to build the world. The industrial base of boundary magnesia materials. As Mr. Zhong Chongxiang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of Beijing University of Science and Technology, said at the Forum on the Development Trend of Refractories in the 21st Century, Dashiqiao City is located in the "Magnesium Capital of China", and its influence is not only in China, but also worldwide. The development of Magnesium Capital in China is to have international fame, fame and famous brand. Innovation-led efforts to the industry's high-end light burnt magnesia powder in the leadership of Yingkou Blue and White Group spread such a sentence: third-class enterprises sell products, second-class enterprises sell technology, first-class enterprises sell patents, super-first-class enterprises sell standards. With the rapid development of economy and fierce competition in the market, the role of standards in improving the technological level of enterprises and industrial competitiveness is becoming more and more important. In today's increasingly fierce competition, whoever seizes the voice of standard-setting will have the initiative of competition. In recent years, the Group has actively participated in the revision of national, industrial and local standards, and presided over the revision and formulation of national and industrial standards for "magnesia-carbon bricks". Independent intellectual property rights are the core competitiveness of enterprises. Over the years, company leaders have attached great importance to the development of intellectual property work, through various measures to publicize and strengthen the work of intellectual property, and institutionalize the work of intellectual property. In 2006, the Group was awarded "Liaoning Province Enterprises and Institutions Intellectual Property Rights Work Demonstration Unit". "Blue and White" trademark was appraised as "China's well-known trademark" by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce. In 2012, the company applied for five patents such as "A Composite Spinel Zirconium Refractories for Nonferrous Heavy Metals Smelting". The traditional refractory industry is striving to climb high, and the field of new magnesia materials is also advancing to the cutting edge. Light burnt magnesia powder here is Yingkou Dongji Science and Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. undertaking the country's first magnesia material 863 project - magnesite efficient preparation of fused magnesia energy-saving emission reduction technology and equipment "project. The project adopts advanced circular economy supporting technology, which is mainly embodied in four aspects: first, improving the quality and impurity of low-grade magnesite, reducing the grade of magnesite and greatly increasing the utilization rate of low-grade magnesite; second, the key technology and equipment of green smelting of magnesite have the advantages of energy-saving, high efficiency, emission reduction and high automation, which can save more than 20% electricity and increase productivity by 30%. Third, the key technology and equipment of high-temperature magnesite smelting high-temperature magnesium smelting pot high-efficiency heat transfer and surplus energy comprehensive recovery, using flue gas and waste heat of melting pot to energy-saving and environment-friendly ecological housing production line, greatly saving energy consumption of wood drying; fourth, the integration of smoke and dust treatment and CO2 recovery in smelting process, which can recover and utilize 900,000 CO2 gas annually. Tons or more. The project covers an area of 670,000 square meters, with a total investment of 4.5 billion yuan in five years, a output value of 10 billion yuan and a profit and tax of 2.5 billion yuan. The implementation of this project will provide guidance and technical support for upgrading the traditional fused magnesium industry in Dashiqiao City, and lay a solid foundation for the construction of 100 billion yuan magnesia material industry cluster during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period in Dashiqiao City.

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