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Overview of Flue Gas Desulfurization Technology of Light-burned Magnesium Powder

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Overview of Flue Gas Desulfurization Technology of Light-burned Magnesium Powder

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Magnesium oxide desulfurization technology with light burning magnesia powder has a lot of application achievements all over the world. Among them, more than 100 projects have been applied in 13 books. 95% of Taiwan's power plants are using magnesium oxide method. It has been applied in the United States, Germany and other places. At present, it has been popularized in China and applied in a few areas. Compared with calcium desulfurization, magnesium oxide desulfurization avoids a series of problems existing in simple wet process, such as pipeline blockage, low flue gas temperature, flue gas carrying water and secondary water pollution, etc. The process maturity is second only to calcium process, which has simple structure, small occupation area, abundant raw material sources, low operating cost, good safety performance, large reduction of investment, and can reduce secondary water pollution. Pollution and recycling of desulfurizer have reduced the cost of desulfurization and greatly improved the comprehensive economic benefit.

Magnesium oxide wet desulfurization technology is adopted in FGD reconstruction project of power plant (2x225MW) unit. The process system is mainly composed of desulfurizer slurry preparation system, flue gas system, SO2 absorption system, desulfurization tower exhaust system, magnesium sulfite dehydration system, process water system, wastewater treatment system, miscellaneous and instrument compressed air system, etc. The whole FGD basically adopts closed-circuit water circulation mode. The wastewater mainly comes from the desulfurization process of desulfurization tower. During the process of continuous circulation, the water in slurry of desulfurization unit will enrich heavy metal elements and F-, C1-. On the one hand, it accelerates the corrosion of desulfurization equipment, on the other hand, it affects the quality of desulfurization by-products. Therefore, a certain amount of wastewater discharged by desulfurization unit has obvious characteristics of high salinity and heavy gold. The contents of metal ions, acid ions and SS exceed the standard, and the pH value does not meet the discharge standard, so it needs to be treated pertinently. In this paper, the design of waste water treatment system in flue gas desulfurization revamping project is briefly described.

Design Water Quantity and Water Quality

According to the data provided by a power plant in Shandong Province, the total discharge capacity of the desulfurization unit is 144 t/d, the average discharge capacity is 6 t/h, and the continuous discharge capacity is 8 t/h

Water quality of desulfurization wastewater: temperature 49 C, pH 2-3, suspended solids 5900 mg/L, SO42-<10 000 mg/L, C1-10 000 mg/L, F-1 000 mg/L.

Price of Light Burned Magnesium Powder

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