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Green environmental friendly lightly fired magnesia powder refractory brick with clay will be the main development direction in the future

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Green environmental friendly lightly fired magnesia powder refractory brick with clay will be the main development direction in the future

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Clay refractory bricks are small artificial blocks for construction. Also known as lightly fired magnesia powder fired brick. Solid clay refractory brick is one of the oldest building materials in the world. From Qinshihuang Mausoleum in Shaanxi Province to the Great Wall of Ming and Qing Dynasties in Beijing, it inherits thousands of years of architectural civilization history of the Chinese nation. Up to now, it is still a beloved building material. Clay refractory bricks are widely used in civil engineering because of their low price, durability, fire protection, heat insulation, sound insulation and moisture absorption.

However, the large-scale production of clay refractory bricks has destroyed the cultivated land area in China. China's per capita arable land resources are less than 40% of the world's average level. However, 700,000 mu of good farmland is destroyed in one year because of the fired clay refractory bricks built in urban and rural areas. This is a warning from the "New Wall Material Seminar of 12 Provinces and Cities in South China" held in Nanchang in 2004. In our country, wall materials account for about 70% of the building materials, among which clay refractory bricks still play a leading role. The clay resources needed to produce solid clay refractory bricks belong to the better clay in arable land. Therefore, the damage to land resources can be seen.

In order to change this traditional firing method, which wastes land resources seriously, the State Council approved the "opinions on the development and promotion of new wall materials" issued jointly by the former State Building Materials Bureau and other departments 12 years ago, and put forward a "timetable for prohibiting the use of solid clay refractory bricks" to 170 large and medium-sized cities in the country. The refractory industry in Shaanxi Province has made effective adjustments to the production of clay refractory bricks by refractory enterprises under the guidance of the national policy. It has made great efforts to innovate and replace clay with environmentally friendly materials so as to achieve a result that the use value is consistent with that of clay bricks.

Downstream demand decreases. Demand growth rate of clay refractory bricks decreases. The downstream demand is also affected by the national macro-control. The growth rate of refractory production in China has slowed down, and the new capacity of steel and cement industries has decreased, which has reduced the growth rate of refractory demand.

Therefore, from the current policy situation and industry environment, the structural adjustment of light-burnt magnesia powder supply side has become the focus of future development of steel, cement, glass and other industries, and the national macro-control efforts are constantly deepening and strengthening, so in the short term, these industries will not be able to produce explosive growth in new capacity in the future. At the same time, a number of new environmentally friendly and green refractories will come out one after another under the promotion of the market, and green and environmentally friendly clay refractory bricks will also become the main direction of future development.

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