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Light burnt magnesia ball supply

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Light burnt magnesia ball supply

Date of release:2019-02-22 Author: Click:

 The company's downstream applications are mainly in the steel industry, accounting for more than 96%, and is one of the largest suppliers of refractories for the steel industry in China. At present, the steel industry is in a recession, and most enterprises are presenting financial pressure. Therefore, the price of refractories and the product settlement cycle are depressed and the settlement cycle is prolonged. Since this year, the company has been actively communicating with downstream enterprises in the hope of increasing prices appropriately or at least maintaining prices. In addition, in terms of cost, since 2012, the company's main raw materials such as magnesia and bauxite have remained at a high level. Graphite prices, although down from last year, are still at a historic high. Influenced by factors such as rising raw material prices and salary increases, the company's combined gross profit rate in the first half of the year was 28.08%, down 3.32 percentage points from the same period last year. Regionally, both domestic and overseas business revenue of the company maintained a small and steady growth in the first half of the year, but the growth rate was significantly lower than that of the same period last year. The company's overseas market has developed from the Ukrainian market in 2009 to a number of markets including Ukraine, Russia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa. The development of overseas market is still one of the key points of the company's future development. Overseas business accounted for 24.56% in the first half of the year, slightly improving the raw material sector over the same period last year is still a major concern of the company. The company actively expands resources upstream. It has acquired some resources of Haicheng Linli Mining Co., Ltd., Haicheng Huayin High-tech New Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Changdu Xiangchen Magnesium Industry in Tibet besides mines. It has signed an exclusive supply agreement for high-quality magnesite with Xiangchen Magnesium Industry. At present, the construction of raw material plate of the company is under way. If the raw material plate can be successfully operated in 2013, the company will form a significant competitive advantage. In the future, the company will rely on high-grade raw materials to enter the high-end refractory products market, and compete with internationally renowned refractory products manufacturers; besides self-use, the company will sell light burnt magnesia balls to the outside world. It is expected that the net interest rate of the raw material sector will reach about 20%.

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