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Prospects for the Development of Light-burned Magnesium Powder Raw Materials in China

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Prospects for the Development of Light-burned Magnesium Powder Raw Materials in China

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Prospect for the Development of Light Burned Magnesia Material in China

Strengthening the Construction of Magnesite Supply Base

Magnesium refractory raw material industry is a typical resource-based industry. Since China's reform and opening up in the 1980s, due to the rapid increase in the demand for magnesium raw materials and the low entry threshold for primary raw materials processing, the rational development of magnesite has been seriously undermined. Due to economic reasons, the price of light burnt magnesia super-grade ore is about five times that of the third grade ore. Mining is extensive, mining rich and abandoning poor phenomenon is serious, resulting in a great waste of resources, and more serious is the mining and stripping imbalance. In 2005, the author participated in the "spot adjustment" of 12 key magnesite mines in Liaoning Province. It was estimated that the debts of rock stripping at that time were over 100 million tons. The situation has not changed fundamentally since then, resulting in difficulties in mining some high-quality ores. In recent years, the original meaning of the super-grade ore has been very rare, the first-grade ore shortage, ore quality decline led to the average MgO content of magnesia decreased by more than 0.5%.

Therefore, in order to make rational and effective use of limited resources, we must conscientiously implement relevant laws and regulations, further integrate magnesite mines and old mines with an annual mining volume of more than 300,000 tons, implement large-scale mining and intensive management, do a good job in the detailed investigation of existing mining areas, mining according to mining design, make up for the debts of rock stripping in key mines, extend the service life of mines, and promote mineral processing technology and comprehensive utilization. Low and medium grade ores. At present, the relevant enterprises have gradually realized that the production of high-quality raw materials can not be maintained by relying on raw materials only; only by beneficiation and purification of raw ore, can high-quality primary raw materials be produced and the normal production of raw materials be guaranteed. Following the successful start-up of flotation system in Haicheng Magnesium Mine General Plant, many enterprises have built flotation projects, and other enterprises have begun to prepare, at the same time, the comprehensive utilization of flotation tailings is also under study.

In the next three to five years, the promotion of magnesite flotation technology, the follow-up processing of high-purity Mg (OH) 2 produced by Tibetan cryptocrystalline magnesite and Qinghai Salt Lake Magnesium Extraction will provide high-quality raw materials for the production of magnesite in China.

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