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Exposition of Light Burned Magnesium Powder

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Exposition of Light Burned Magnesium Powder

Date of release:2019-01-29 Author: Click:

It is understood that the "Magnesium Expo" has been successfully held for six sessions since 2004. More than 1400 enterprises have participated in the exhibition, including more than 80 well-known foreign enterprises, with nearly 140,000 participants. Among them, 60,000 professionals and more than 1,000 foreign businessmen have become a grand industry development event covering exhibitions, trade, technical seminars and talent exchanges.

The Expo lasted for three days, bringing together more than 500 key enterprises in the industry. The exposition is dominated by forums and supplemented by exhibitions. The Expo highlights the related technologies, equipment and scientific research achievements of magnesium materials, boron, talc and other industries. In accordance with the principle of independent innovation, key leap, support development and lead the future, and with the development idea of "innovation, upgrading, standardization, integration, service and introduction" as the main line, the excellent new products and innovative achievements of Yingkou Dashiqiao Magnesium Industry are fully displayed, and the overall scientific and technological strength and industrial technology of Yingkou Dashiqiao are demonstrated.

In his speech, Vice Mayor Yin Chengfu said that hosting the Expo is a great event for the magnesium, boron and talc industry. It reflects from one side the great achievements made in the development of special industrial resources, demonstrates the innovative achievements of magnesium, boron and talc enterprises over the years, and will also promote the industry to strengthen domestic and foreign magnesium, boron and talc collars in accordance with the scientific development concept and the requirements of supply-side reform. Exchange and cooperation in different regions will jointly explore effective ways for China's special resources to enter the world. Magnesium industry is one of the pillar industries in Yingkou City. At present, there are more than 700 magnesia products enterprises in the city, mining 4.5 million tons of magnesite annually, producing 6.3 million tons of magnesia and products, and exporting nearly 1.3 million tons of magnesia and products. The products mainly include light burned magnesia powder, heavy burned magnesia, fused magnesia, magnesia brick and amorphous magnesia products, which occupy 60% of the domestic market and 40% of the international market share. The products are exported to Europe, the United States and Japan. 95 countries and regions. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Yingkou will adhere to the concept of "five major developments" and build an innovative manufacturing base in accordance with the requirements of "four comprehensive" strategic layout. Magnesium material industry will be based on the existing leading enterprises, take Dashiqiao's main producing area as the carrier, take the improvement of scientific and technological innovation ability as the support, extend the industrial chain, refine the industrial division of labor and cooperation, realize the highly agglomeration of various resources such as technology, talents and information of magnesia material products, and further enhance the internationalization degree of light burned magnesia powder magnesia material industry.

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