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Inspection Rules for Light Burned Magnesium Powder

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Inspection Rules for Light Burned Magnesium Powder

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In fact, the three nouns of the building owner are another name for the fireproof board. They are also called thermal insulation perlite board, fireproof board and so on. I am engaged in fireproof board technology. The glass-magnesium board has this kind of board, but the two kinds of plates have never been heard before. Different areas have different names. The full name of glass-magnesium board is glass-magnesium fireproof board, which is what we often call fireproof board. In fact, the main production material of the fireproof board is glass-magnesium fireproof board. Magnesium oxide is also called light burnt magnesia. At present, the only plate produced by light burnt magnesia is fireproof board, but there is also a kind of board which is the strongest one made of calcium silicate board, which is also the main material used for cement. It is a very strong board, but the price is relatively high. Generally, the market does not sell this kind of board. The fireproof board has a high performance-price ratio, and its fireproof performance fully meets the fire protection requirements of the state. The requirement is even higher. The weight of each batch of finished products is not more than 120 tons. Samples for particle size determination should be sampled before batch formation and samples for chemical analysis should be sampled after batch formation. Samples were taken in small bags (25kg) and in large bags (1000kg). After fully mixing the obtained particle size samples, the particle size was determined by point sampling of 10-20g. After mixing, the sample is reduced to 200 g and sent to the laboratory for analysis and inspection. If a chemical composition is unqualified or abnormal, double quantity of samples will be re-examined in the same batch of products, and the re-examination results will be the final inspection results of the batch of products.

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